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  Fas Decompiler&Obfuscator Project

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Autor Thema:   Fas Decompiler&Obfuscator Project (6996 mal gelesen)

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... after about 3 years I think can give this topic some bump up.
Have a look at
all I added by now is ''
Well it's still just some fas-byte-code-disassembler but now it adds some lisp snippets as comments to the disassembling and tries to recognise loop's alternatives and insert some space at the beginnings so it is nicer to read.
By now I improved opcode quality (unknown or wrong descriptive commands) for the Autolisp include (*.FSL) which are stored inside vllib.dll. I wonder why some of these opcodes that would improve execution speed were not used in 'normal' Fas files.
Even if I called this 'Lisp Decompiler Project' it's more about exploring lisp the reverse way from the binary to the user level. And also get out more about the Lisp-internals. Explorering the power of a simple stackmachine.
Knowing all about the lisp bytecode also means also you can optimise aswell as transform it. Think of the .NET obsucator for IDL or Java obsucator. There is no question that this is also possible with fas-file.

So please don't ask if this decompiles Fas to Lsp files? The answer is "NO". If you don't believe have a look at it and ask yourself what this output has to do with lisp.

If you're interested to take part in this open source project have a look at the infos at the site and

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