ENOVIAVPM V1.6 & V5R16 Interoperability Support / ENOVIA VPLM
Axel.Strasser 18. Mai. 2007, 14:56

The following combinations were announced as supported:
  -ENOVIAvpm 1.5 with V5R16
  -ENOVIAvpm 1.6 with V5R17
In order to meet some customers' requirements, we are announcing support of
ENOVIAvpm 1.6 interoperability with V5R16.

Customers requiring support for this configuration must:
  -explicitly request it through your IBM sales team,
  -provide a detailed migration plan showing a detailed plan and date when
    ENOVIAVPM V1.6 will be running with a V5 release higher than R16,
  -be in production with V5R16, and
  -submit your request for support of this configuration by 2 June 2007.

Only customers meeting these requirements will receive support for this
configuration; there is no additional charge for this support.

Remember that the PLM Technical Support web site always contains the end of
support dates for all current PLM products/releases: click on
"Product Life Cycle  -> End of support dates" near the bottom of its top page.

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